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Services at Bloomington Neurofeedback fall into three main categories: Neurofeedback, Counseling and Coaching. During your free consultation, we can discuss which option or options may be the right approach for you. Services are provided to help guide you to better self-regulation, profound emotional well-being, enhanced relationships, and attained goals.

Neurofeedback Services


A qEEG provides very detailed analysis of your specific brainwave patterns and functioning. It is sometimes referred to as brain mapping because it can provide very precise details about different areas of your brain. A recording of the electrical activity in your brain is done at the surface of your scalp with small sensors.

Using highly rigorous computerized brain mapping analysis, your specific brain map is then compared to a database of hundreds of thousands of EEG readings including a normative sample of healthy individuals and also EEG ratios within yourself. The qEEG helps determine if there are brain-based issues that neurofeedback training might be helpful in addressing. A neurofeedback treatment protocol is then developed based on the specific needs of your brain.

qEEG Explained


Neurofeedback, sometimes called EEG biofeedback, is a form of biofeedback that uses real-time EEG readings to help teach you how to regulate your own nervous system. Many things use feedback loops -for example, a thermostat provides feedback to your air conditioner. Neurofeedback helps you become an active participant in your brain’s healing by getting that immediate information and adjusting your nervous system accordingly.

Neurofeedback uses a form of learning called operant conditioning, which pairs a stimulus with a behavior to train you to sustain the appropriate brainwave frequencies for your particular issues. This is a non-invasive therapy that will help with neural regulation.

During a neurofeedback session, sensors are placed on your scalp to read the electrical activity. The computer system monitors the EEG and provides the appropriate, moment by moment feedback through visual and auditory cues. In this way the brain learns how to stay regulated and allow healing to take place..

Because areas of dysregulation have been pinpointed and training protocols set for those exact brain regions, your specific behavioral and emotional symptoms will be addressed. With regular sessions, brain dysregulation will improve, which helps you feel better physically and emotionally.

Neurofeedback Explained

Counseling Services

Individual Therapy

Individual counseling consists of starting to build connections with each client during an initial assessment. This initial evaluation will cover current concerns and symptoms, goals for counseling, psychosocial history, medical history, drug usage and other issues. During this session, we will also discuss rights and responsibilities of the client as well as issues of confidentiality, consent for treatment, and fees. Questions of any type for the therapist are always welcome as it is important to have a good fit.

If the client feels comfortable after the initial session, future sessions will be scheduled. I use a variety of therapeutic techniques including cognitive-behavioral, internal family systems, and solution-focused brief therapy, among others, to help the client achieve their goals. Homework is often assigned, as individuals have much more time “in the wild” to hone the skills or ideas we are working on in the office. Homework might include things like reading an article, writing in a journal, watching a video or movie to discuss, trying something that feels difficult and new, drawing, or playing music. I love to create opportunities for growth tailored to each person.

Couple’s Therapy

When I work with a couple, I consider their relationship to be my client.  To that end, I may push a bit on one side or I may push a bit on the other side.  The goal is always to help the relationship become the strongest, most connected it can be.  I have been extensively trained in Gottman Method Couple’s Counseling and find that it is built on unmatched research.  A thorough Gottman assessment will be completed by the couple which provides critical information to target the relationship work.  Emotionally Focused Therapy, which utilizes attachment theory and building strong attachments, is used as well.  I also assign homework for couples to complete “in the wild”.

Family Therapy

In family therapy, the family unit is the client.  Sometimes when a family gets off track, one person  may be identified as the “problem”.  In reality, the entire family system has the problem.  Therefore, assessing and understanding the entire family is needed.  Changes in one part of the family will impact other parts of the family.  Understanding and developing a strategy to nurture those healthy-but-difficult changes is what family therapy is all about.  Creating a family mission statement is something that I love to have client’s do with input from every member.  Before starting family therapy, I meet with the parents first to determine if family therapy is appropriate for the given issues. 

Coaching Services:

Life Coaching

Having an individual life coach is a great way to stay focused on a goal. Coaching is future-oriented and specific. The coach helps you to clarify your goal(s) and define your “big win”. A specialized plan for accomplishing the goal(s) is developed, taking into account your unique strengths and talents. Strategies for overcoming obstacles are also put into place. The initial coaching session is an hour, followed by half hour sessions. Sessions can be done in person, on the phone or on a video chat platform. Coaching goals vary from person to person and are as unique as you are. Business leaders, athletes, musicians and artists frequently use personal coaching, but it can be extremely helpful for anyone who would like to be their best self and achieve specific dreams.

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