Peak Performance

Peak Performance work is about enhancing your brain’s functioning in order to attain your next-level potential. For example, athletes may use this training to help improve reaction times or spatial-motor skills. Athletes are already skilled in these areas but can optimize their performance. Likewise, business executives, musicians or artists can use this training to optimize creativity, attention and awareness.

Treatment Options


Individuals who have trained their brains using Neurofeedback for peak performance tend to report an improved competitive edge, feeling capable of reaching their full potential and an increased ability to handle stress. Performance training can also address factors that affect performance such as anxiety and muscle tension, as well as improve focus, motivation and reaction time.


Clients who want to optimize their potential often use a Life Coach. Bloomington Neurofeedback offers Life Coaching to help clients identify, clarify and become laser focused on their goals, develop a strategy to achieve those goals, and provide accountability for clients to help them attain their dreams.


Bloomington Neurofeedback offers counseling for optimized performance including mindfulness work for issues of anxiety, focus and attention and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for issues related to self esteem and thought patterns.
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